Closca Loop Reflective Pearl

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Closca Loop Reflective enables light reflection from any angle, making it the only helmet that incorporates REFLECTIVE microprism technology. It assures your visibility to cars, pedestrians, and fellow bike lane users during low-light commutes, thanks to its capacity to reflect light from multiple angles, setting it apart from traditional reflective helmets that only reflect direct light.

Inspired by vibrant and joyful cities, by those who prefer to get around without emissions and create friendlier cities. The Closca Loop is our most casual model that fits your daily style with its design, while also providing a unique benefit: this foldable helmet reduces its volume by almost 50% and lays flat in just 1 second, allowing you to easily stow it in your backpack when not in use.
Color: White
Size: Medium
Size chart

To determine your head's circumference, you can use a measuring tape placed approximately 2 centimeters above your eyebrows. If you opt for a string, measure it from end to end using a ruler.


Helmet Visor Loop
Small 54-56 cm -
Medium 57-59 cm 56-59 cm
Large 60-62 cm 60-63 cm
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Day and Night

The micro-prism REFLECTIVE surface technology reflects incident lights from any angle more effectively than a conventional reflective surface.


Loop Reflective was born for day and night riders who prioritize style and do not want to worry about recharging batteries.


Closca Loop Reflective


All Closca helmets comply with the strict safety standards EN1078 and CPSC, valid for Europe, Asia, USA and Canada.


Lightweight EPS liner & minimal PC shell.

Optimized Ventilation

A 360º network of sleek holes allow heat to escape.

Light Weight

340 - 375 gr

Snap Adjuster

A elastic snap adjuster provides a secure fit that can be left untouched when putting on or taking off the helmet.


Our micro-prism REFLECTIVE surface technology reflects incident lights more effectively than a conventional reflective surface.

Safety First

All Closca helmets can only be folded when there is no interior volume and, of course, it never folds in the event of an accident, functioning identically to other helmets. Impact safety is guaranteed with a polycarbonate shell and EPS foam that absorb impacts, complying with regulations for bicycles, electric bicycles, and electric scooters.

Avoid the Bulk

Many cyclists don't wear their helmet due to the hassle of its bulkiness when they're not riding. That's precisely why Closca revolutionizes cyclist safety. After all, the safest helmet is the one you actually wear.

Sleek Ventilation

The helmet allows for 360º airflow with the entry of fresh air and the exit of hot air, thanks to its 3-piece configuration.

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