How to use Closca Mask

The reusable box contains a Closca Mask, a hygienic bag and 6 washable filters. The filter is inserted into the inner pocket in a flat manner, with the wire facing upwards. Once inside, extend the filter and give it a concave shape (the shape of the face) so that it fits completely into the pocket and your face. 


. Always carry it in the included protective hygiene bag. One of the situations of virus transmission is when the mask is in contact with other materials when we are not wearing it (for example in a pocket). Avoid transporting your mask without this bag. 

. Wash the filter or change it when you see that the perspiration is worse because it is wet or you have used it more than 4 hours in a row. 

. When you wash the filters more than 5 times, remember to put them in the appropriate container (according to the recommendations of your country) to avoid further contamination of our streets and seas.  

. Closca Mask, as a filter holder, supports other filtering systems. We recommend you to check those other filters to make sure they are washable and reusable, as well as their Bacterial Filtration Efficiency. It’s for your safety.