5 reasons why urban cyclists love Closca Helmet

5 reasons why urban cyclists love Closca Helmet

Exploring your city by bike? If you’re an avid rider, look no further than Closca: an innovative, Spain-based company that designs bike accessories for the modern man and woman. Choose from three versions of its characteristic, foldable helmets—the classic, Nordic and a special Kids helmet, for little riders—and cruise through the city with style, grace, and most importantly, safety.

Here are five reasons we can’t live without our Closca Helmet:


It’s the world’s most fashionable helmet

Equally elegant and simple, the Closca Helmet is known for its clean, timeless design. The simplicity speaks volumes. Designed for the modern rider, its clean look makes it a blank canvas for each wearer’s personal fashion and lifestyle. For Closca Kids helmets, design plays an even bigger role. Cecilia Plaza, an illustrator from Valencia, created landscape- and city-inspired stickers that let children use their helmets to tell their own, unique stories.


Foldable is the new black

Fusing the best of functionality and design, Closca helmets have a patented the “foldable” element. The result? A Closca Helmet that can shrink down by nearly 50%—to almost as flat as a book—thanks to a trio of concentric rings that fold into one another. In 2015, just two years after Closca’s original launch, the innovation behind the helmet won Closca the coveted Red Dot Design Award, a recognition saved for those products that exceed expectations in ergonomics, durability, innovation, social impact and more. On top of that, on a practical level, the Closca Helmet can fit in any purse, suitcase or backpack, making it easy to carry wherever you go.

Get help at the press of a button!

Whether you’re wearing the Nordic, classic or the Kids’ helmet, help is always just a button away. Every model of the Closca Helmet is embedded with a Near Field Communication (NFC) chip at the top, which connects to the rider’s smartphone. What does that mean? In an emergency, all you have to do is tap your smartphone and your emergency contact will be called immediately.




At Closca, comfort matters

Closca Helmets are some of the lightest on the market. Add that to the brand’s characteristic rear adjustment system, and comfort is pretty much a given.

Safety is the name of the game

Multiple facets go into Closca’s safety features—and together, they’ve created a Closca Helmet that complies with both European and American EN 1078 and CSPC safety regulations. First, and most importantly, thanks to its foldable functionality, it’s impossible for this helmet to collapse in a collision. When worn, every Closca Helmet stays firmly in place, keeping your head entirely protected. But when it’s not being used, the design of the helmet allows it to fold and flatten instantly. On top of that, all Closca helmets have air vents that add much-needed sunstroke head protection.


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