Tomorrow: the future

Tomorrow: the future
We are the ones who decide what tomorrow will be like. With our daily activities we shape the day to day. How we consume, how we move... even how we socialize affects our environment.

Thus, Closca was born to make us reflect on the established model of life. To break with the current patterns of individualism. In short, to think as a united entity: as a society.

To this end, at Closca we create icons and design products that move consciences. We put within your reach the symbols of social change that our planet needs to stay alive.

Closca at Selfridges

For all these reasons, Closca could not miss the opportunity to show this message at the London concept museum: Selfridges.

At 400 Oxford Street you will find our unique folding helmets: the iconic and award winning Closca Helmet and Closca Helmet Loop. Both are symbols of the new urban micro mobility that aims to reduce air pollution with the goal of achieving #CitiesWithSoul.

As well as the Closca Bottle and #MyLastPlasticBottle challenge . With this we seek to end the tide of plastic bottles that flood our oceans. At Closca we are concerned about the wear and tear we are putting on our environment. The glaciers are melting, the beaches and seas are filling up with plastics, by 2030 we will have lost 60% of the coral reefs and we are on our way to turning the planet into a great desert. That is why we have launched the Consciousness collection, which gives visibility to these problems so that, together, we can remedy them.

Become part of the community that inspires change and visit us at Selfridges London. You will find us until September 21st together with @thebikeshopofficial. Don't miss this unique opportunity!

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