The top 10 Instagram accounts for cyclists

top 10 instagram accounts

No matter what we’re passionate about, sometimes, we need a little inspiration to reignite that fire and bring our passion to life. The same is true for cycling! And thanks to social media (here’s looking at you, Instagram), we can find that inspiration simply by turning on our phones.

Don’t know where to look? We’ve found the coolest cyclists on the ‘gram. Here are the top 10 Instagram accounts to follow the next time you need a little cycling inspo:





Why we love it: If you love cycling and love to travel, this account is for you! Operating under the mantra “a life behind handlebars,” this offers a peek into the life of Oliver, a cyclist who takes photos from his bicycle seat everywhere he goes—from his hometown of Copenhagen, to Indonesia, Ireland, Turkey, America and beyond. The concept is simple: Show people how cool life on a bike can be, and encourage riders (or prospective riders) to use their bike as a way to explore the world.




Eman rides a Trek District photographed at Dean St. and Vanderbilt Ave. heading home from work

Una publicación compartida de New York Bike Style (@preferredmode) el


Why we love it: This account takes the typical cyclist “stereotype” and blows it out of the water. In fact, the whole page is dedicated to showing that anyone can be a cyclist! From the everyday commuter and traveling fashionista, to the stylish gentleman or active rider, Preferred Mode is a visual ode to the diversity of today’s urban cycling community.





Why we love it: This Taiwanese photographer makes cycling cool again. On his page, expect to see riders doing tricks on their bikes, bikes flying in mid-air, cool bike accessories, riders speeding through cityscapes, all-out racers and more.





Why we love it: Want to see someone make the impossible, possible? Look no further than Wolfbotts, who creates videos and takes photos of cyclists doing unimaginable stunts. Always striving to push the limits, Wolfbotts can be found doing everything from “smoking” other cyclists during a street race and sliding his bike through puddles, to doing high jumps on a bicycle and even wallriding.




🗞 regram via @katy_mangi ✌🏼 keep tagging #ihavethisthingwithbikes 🚲

Una publicación compartida de @ ihavethisthingwithbikes el


Why we love it: ...because we all have this thing with bikes. This page is full of bikes everywhere—and we mean everywhere. Here, find a compilation of photos by cyclists who have placed their bikes in front of cool, gorgeous or interesting backgrounds, all over the world.





Why we love it: Gökhan is an Italy-based fashion lover with a passion for cycling. So to combine his love for style and bikes, he created this Instagram account dedicated to urban cycling. The feed is gentlemanly and fashion-conscious, just like Gökhan, and it shows him posing in beautiful cities, either on or with one of his top-of-the-line bicycles.




Why we love it: This feed is all about bicycle art! Here, you’ll find paintings, drawings, sculptures, Chinese ink and even mixed-media pieces with bikes or cool bike accessories incorporated into the art. It’s inspirational in more ways than one: it’s creative and shows followers how fun riding can be.




Those ✨ desert mornings. 🚲❤️🌵#howweliv 📷:

Una publicación compartida de Katie Holden (@katieholden) el


Why we love it: Katie Holden is a professional mountain biker, and her Instagram account gives followers a peek into her cycle-centered life. Follow her around the world as she posts selfies, inspirational vignettes, photos of her riding uphill, moonlight rides and more. Its inspiration aside, the photography is on point, too—so believe us when we say you won’t be able to get enough of Katie Holden.





Why we love it: Filled with well-timed photos in exciting cities, this account is dedicated to pictures of bike tricks right at their most climactic moments! On top of that, it has gorgeous scenery. Combining the two, it gives followers a glimpse of not only the exciting side of riding, but the beauty you’ll see from the vantage point of their bike seat, too.




New York has basically turned into bike wonderland since I've been away. #bikenyc #nyc

Una publicación compartida de Sweet Ride USA (@sweetrideusa) el


Why we love it: This account is exactly what it sounds like—there are bikes and sweets. In fact, it follows the lives of two avid cyclists with a penchant for desserts! So psych yourself up to break a sweat, whether it’s from your next cycling adventure or the food coma you’re about to have.


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