The Brave Club

The Brave Club


Going back to routines this year has been more stressful than ever.

Keeping kids safe when they are not at home is something that gives parents many sleepless nights.

But our children are resilient and brave as we could never imagine. They keep their smiles under the masks while walking to school. Because they have understood, even better than us, that masks don’t prevent them from learning or playing. Masks can’t stop us.

Of course they have fears but they have the courage to face them with confidence. Knowing that everything can be surpassed if we work together. If we show empathy with those around us.

This empathy and solidarity that make children be willing to help others, to speak up in the face of injustice, they are willing to protect others. That is what heroes do. That is what The Brave Club does.

The next generation: Closca Mask Kids 

This new generation of Closca Mask, especially designed for children, are the perfect companion for those so brave, that they protect themselves and those around them. 

And we want you, as parents, to be calm and confident that your kids are protected that is why Closca Mask Kids is certified under European standards CWA 17553 : 2020 and certifications from Aitex, Eurofins and Oeko-Tex.

Furthermore, Closca Mask Kids (BFE>90%) can be washed by hand or machine (keeping EU standards after 25 washes) and offer high breathability (32pa/cm2).

Another relevant innovation is its virucide and antibacterial technology provided by the 100% mineral component called CO2pure. This organic component impregnates the mask and the protective pouch, killing viruses and bacterias. Even, the protective pouch has been created to keep the mask protected while not using it (for example, during lunch time) so they are still safe.

Super comfort and secure

Closca Mask Kids is presented in one size and two colours: leaf and carrot and it is super comfy thanks to the firm front that makes a better fit for the face and the nape strap with velcro in “T” shape that allows a regulable position and does not tangle with hair. And with the earloops kids have double support without discomfort or pain in the ears.

Also for the planet

Closca Mask Kids is 100% made in Spain and with it children not only protect themselves and others but also the planet. In fact, wearing Closca Mask Kids can save up to 40% of pollutants as CO2, NOx and NO2. Due to the CO2pure treatment of the mask that absorbs these pollutants cleaning the air around us in a harmless way for our health. 

Are you ready for your kids to join The Brave Club?

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