A small change for a man a great leap for environment

A small change for a man a great leap for environment

The way we have consumed water over the last decades has had a huge impact on the environment. The fact that there are 7 garbage patches in the world gives us an idea about the effect that we have on nature. Let’s size up the problem: those garbage patches are bigger than Russia and China (almost 30 million square kilometres).

Every second 1,500 plastic bottles are thrown away, that's 130 million bottles in a single day. And only 9% of them are recycled. It is clear that we are not doing something right. Plastic doesn't just invade our natural environment, it also invades our bodies. According to studies, we would be consuming the equivalent of a credit card per week. And the worst thing is that microplastics have already been found in human internal organs. We are slowly contaminating ourselves.

Change is possible

The supply chain of bottled water represents a high cost for the planet. On the one hand, the energy consumption for its production and transport, to which we must add the plastic waste that ends up in our seas (8 million tons per year).

But we can slow this data with a small change. The fact of filling water bottles instead of buying bottled water is a gesture that involves little effort for us, (and that also involves a saving for our pockets) but it would mean a huge change for the planet. 

That's why, at Closca, we have been challenging you for years with #MyLastPlasticBottle. A challenge that aims to inspire change towards more responsible water consumption, away from single-use plastics. And with which we want to help you not only with refillable bottles but also with a mobile app to find where to refill them wherever you are.

The planet thanks you

We have recently launched the Closca Bottle Wave Places to be collection, a range of stainless steel refillable bottles that are our particular ode to the planet. A reminder that we are all connected and that our actions have an impact.

Places to be

But it's not the first time we've paid homage to the planet. We already did so with Closca Bottle and the Consciousness collection. We reflect on how some ecosystems are about to disappear and we ask ourselves if we are really willing to say goodbye to them.

Changing acquired habits can be complicated, so we wanted to make the transition to life without plastic easier. And so we created the Closca Water App, the free mobile app that makes it easy for you to locate nearby drinking water points. With it you not only find refill points but also get rewards while measuring the positive impact you generate by not consuming plastic bottles.

Join the challenge #MyLastPlasticBottle and let's take care of the planet, because we don't have another one.

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