#hackedaccount: we need your help!

#hackedaccount: we need your help!

The account on Instagram @closcadesign has been compromised. A hacker has stolen it and he/she is asking for money to get it back. 

In order to make our situation out loud, and try to get back what it’s ours, we are asking our beloved community for help.

How to help

On one hand, please share this information as much as possible. Our goal is to reach as many people and followers as possible, so Facebook, Instagram and our community get to know what is going on.  

On the other hand, please, report the account on Instagram that has been stolen @closcadesign. Here you can find information about how to do it. 

We will be updating the news about this scam on our social profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Also, we have created another Instagram account to be the official Closca™ profile on Instagram while we solve this problem: @closcadesign_. Follow this account to be updated with official information and our very last news.

Please, do not pay attention to the profile @closcadesign, as the hacker has its control and posting wrong information and contacting our followers. If he/she contacts you, we recommend you to ignore the message and do not reply.

What has happened

Some days ago, we realized that the Closca Instagram account was stolen by a hacker. We contacted the scammer through DM, and he/she replied back from his/her profile asking for money to get the account back. 

This is every inch a robatory. Instagram is a very powerful channel for us, being the speaker of our brand expression and our designs, as it is for many other accounts. 

We are not going to accept any kind of blackmail and we are not going to pay anything to the scammer. 

We have reported the phishing to the police, who were aligned with us and suggested not to pay, as profiles are usually not recovered even though giving the money asked. 

We also have reported to Instagram and Facebook. We are waiting for their response, but unfortunately the answer is being very slow. 


We know the practice of stealing social profiles accounts is becoming very common, and we feel very sorry about that. The race against the hacker is very frustrating, especially because it is very difficult to get direct contact with someone at Facebook or Instagram to help us. 

But we also know the power of our community is very strong. You are the #ambassadorsofchange and we trust that you will help us to spread what has happened to us, so we can get our account back as soon as possible. 

Help us by sharing this information, so we can reach as many of our community as possible.


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