Pleasant shopping: Slowroom and Slow Retail

Pleasant shopping: Slowroom and Slow Retail

“We believe in a more relaxed and pleasant life. We care about the environmental impact of our actions and the beauty of our city. We think that quality, design, and client service are the cornerstones of a modern business. We know that bicycles are the future of urban mobility and we rely on brands that share this philosophy.” – Slowroom Manifesto

It’s 11ºC and the evening’s starting to shade in Madrid. We’re at Slowroom, a slow retail store focused on bikes and urban living, offering a warm shopping experience. The store looks like the home of a bike addict, but also a very welcoming place to stay and share a good conversation. Calm and enjoyable, it’s the perfect experience.


The trend for enjoyable, relaxed shopping is starting to grow strong in big cities around the globe, and we want to be there to make it stronger and meaningful.

This is not a cafeteria, but it’s a nice place to go from time to time. Certainly more than a retail store, Slowroom is a place to share experiences. Others like Dapper and Prêt À Vélo are good examples of this new way of shopping. They’re changing the way we understand shopping and turning it into something welcoming, enjoyable and shareable. Gron and Huckleberry Bicycles are two other good examples.



Your can shop now Closca Fuga at Slowroom online, or you can make them a visit and see the full experience at Plaza de las Salesas, 2, Madrid.



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