7 reasons to swap your car for a commuter road bike

7 reasons to swap your car for a commuter road bike

At first, a decision to commute by bike to work might just be a simple solution to not wanting to buy and maintain a car, avoiding higher parking costs, or doing whatever you can to dodge the NYC subway. But, the more you do it, you’ll find that there are actually innumerable benefits to adopting such a lifestyle. From giving you a daily exercise routine and keeping you financially sane, to reducing your carbon footprint, giving you actual control over your commute, to improving your overall mental health, ditching your car for a commuter road bike is better for you than you think.


So, why choose a commuter road bike? 

1. By adding exercise to your daily routine, commuting keeps you looking and feeling your best.




2. Swapping your car for a commuter road bike reduces your carbon footprint.



3. Commuting by bike can save you major transportation costs.



4. You’ll get to act like a real local.




5. Simply put, commuting by bike is more convenient.



6. It lets you fully disconnect.




7. Studies show that bike commuters are happier commuters.  




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